Theological Criticism

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 General response to theological criticism:

“Will the Real Christians Please Stand?”

Answers to Specific Theological Criticisms

The doctrine of the Trinity
The doctrine of salvation by grace alone
The doctrine of spiritual rebirth (“Have you been born again?”)
The doctrine of the pre-existence and eternal nature of man
The doctrine of priesthood authority and one true church
The doctrine of the restoration
The doctrine of eternal families

Criticism: The LDS Church is not a Christian religion, because it rejects the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.
Ans: The doctrine of the Trinity is… More…

Criticism: LDS Christians trust in their “good works,” trying to earn their salvation by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel, rather than relying on the shed blood of Christ alone for salvation.
Ans: “Are you saved,” is a question often directed at LDS Christians… More…

Criticism: Latter Day Saint leaders do not teach that members of the Church must receive Jesus in their hearts and be born of the Spirit, accepting the Lord as their personal Savior.
Ans: Asking Latter Day Saints, “Have you been born again?” is one of the favorite tactics used by the enemies of the Church to intimidate its members… More…

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