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Frequently Directed Criticisms of LDS Doctrine

This section of the website is intended to address the critics of the marvellous work and wonder from three perspectives:

First, it speaks to the secular critics.  These are those who deny the existence of God, in general, on logical, or scientific, grounds. They trust in the arm of flesh, in their learning; They lean to their own understanding, thinking that they know of themselves, but deny the Holy Ghost:

Secular Criticism: There is no God. All things are not created by him. Life forms, including humans, evolved from natural physical processes, starting with the hypothetical Big Bang.

Second, the FDC addresses the criticism of the sectarian, or religious opponents of the work.  These are those who oppose the work based on their religious, or theological, views. They deny the modern revelations of God, insisting that he no longer speaks to men, that he no longer calls prophets and apostles, as in ancient times, contending that all such things ended with the ministry of Jesus and the apostles, in the New Testament:

Sectarian Criticism: God exists, but he no longer speaks directly to men, as in times of old.

Finally, this FDC answers the criticism of a third group of opponents to this work.  These are those who, like most of the second group of critics, profess to be disciples of Christ, but deny the power thereof. They are the apostate Latter-day Saints, who once embraced the faith, but, having become disillusioned with its teachings and practices and fallen away, have joined with sectarians who oppose the work on theological grounds, and feel compelled to help other LDS Christians “see the light,” and leave the Church as they have:

Apostate Criticism: God exists, but uninformed Latter-day Saints are not born again Christians. They are deceived by their leaders into thinking that they are following Christ, by doing good, but, in fact, they are un-regenerated, lost souls, who follow many non-Christian doctrines.

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